NJ  Slate roofing 


Whether you need a new genuine or synthetic slate roof or just a few pieces replaced, to get the most life out of your slate roof, it’s important to work with a NJ slate roofing company that specializes in both natural and synthetic slate roofs. A slate roof is much different than a conventional asphalt roof, and therefore a completely different skill set and tools are needed in the installation or repair of a slate roof.  LGC Construction is highly experienced in slate roofing , and will help guide your decision making.

NJ cedar shake roofer


Are you looking for the best cedar shake roofing services in the New Jersey area? Well you are in luck! Finding a reliable and trusted cedar shake roofing company for your cedar shake project has never been easier. We are qualified and experienced professional

About us

Founded nearly 30 yars, LGC Construction  is  family ownd and operated by Lukasz Sobczuk. They have put together a team that offers you professional  cedar shake and slate roofing  experience. Our goal is to provide expert advice on roofing materials, methods and designs to preserve the integrity of your project and building

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