Cedar shake roofing has been a roofing material for centuries and, with innovation and advancements in technology, cedar shake roofs are still a popular choice in the Mercer County, NJ area. If you’re looking for a roof system that is not only functional but also attractive, then consider investing in a cedar shake roof. This premium roofing option consists of natural wood (cedar) materials and offers an incredibly beautiful finish. With its stunning silhouette, the cedar shake roof stands out from more ordinary alternatives such as asphalt or metal roofs! If you do decide to go with cedar shake, it’s recommended seek out a roofer who specializes in installing cedar shake roofing in the Mercer County area. On top of that, there are some things you should know about this type of roof before diving too deep into the project:

Mercer County Cedar Shake Roofing | What to Know About Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar Shake Shingles Come in 3 Grades:

There are 3 grades of cedar shake shingles: common, selects, and 100% straight grain.

Common Grade:

Common Grades are the least expensive and lowest quality of all three cedar shake types. Without precision, they are sawed from any part of the tree – usually as a result of other cuts. Unfortunately, these shingles will be among the first to split and warp over time.


The next grade of cedar shake shingle is the select grade, which will contain an approximation of 80% straight grain and 20% commons. Your Mercer County cedar shake roofing company should carefully inspect these selects to find only the highest quality cedar shake shingles for your roof.

100% Straight Grain:

When it comes to identifying the finest grade of cedar shake shingles, look no further than 100% straight grain. These particular shingles are hand-picked for their superior quality and even graining; this ensures they will lay flat on your roof instead of curling up over time. Invest in these top-notch shakes and you won’t be disappointed!

If you are already investing in a new cedar shake roof, it might be in your best interest to spend that little bit more money on 100% straight grain grade cedar shingles. Investing this additional amount will provide your home with optimal protection for years to come.

Cedar Shake Roofing in Mercer County NJLifespan of a Cedar Shake Roof:

When investing in cedar shake roofing in Mercer County, we want it to last for as long as possible. The same holds true when selecting cedar shake shingles – with the right materials and care, you can expect 30 years of use from your new roof. However if you’re fortunate enough to live in an ideal climate and invest in quality products, then 50 years is possible! With proper installation techniques and maintenance routines, your investment will pay off over time.

Warranties for Cedar Shake Roofs

When you make an investment in a new roof, two warranties are included. The contractor will provide one, and the other warranty is from the manufacturer of your materials. Unfortunately with cedar shakes being naturally made shingles there is no manufacturer provided warranty on those materials; all that’s left for assurance then is only the workmanship guarantee from your chosen contractor.

Consequently, it is vital to hire a reputable cedar shake roofing contractor in Mercer County that provides assurance for their work. A warranty from the hired contractor can range anywhere between an immediate one (as soon as you watch them drive away) and a lifetime warranty. Moreover, there are also two-year, five-year and 10- year warranties available too! To ensure the highest quality roofing, always choose a contractor that guarantees their work with a lifetime warranty.

Cedar Shake Roofing Requires Upkeep:

Your car needs its oil changed to remain functional, and your roof requires the same care. After you’ve installed a new cedar shake roof, it’s critical that you get it inspected regularly – whether that be once or twice per annum. Ongoing maintenance of your wooden shingles will provide longevity for the life of your cedar shake roof as well as detect any potential issues before they damage other parts of your home.

Roof maintenance is essential to preserving your cedar shingle roof’s life span, as wet debris sitting on the surface of the shakes can lead to deterioration over time. Its importance cannot be understated and this task should not go overlooked or ignored! Now is the ideal opportunity to inspect your roof and gutters for any leftover debris that could create issues down the road.

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