Have you been considering installing slate roofing on your your Middlesex County home? Slate has been used in roof construction for centuries, however as technology progresses and evolves, synthetic slate shingles have emerged. These shingles not only look just like a traditional mined-slate but offer many different advantages over it. With this new development within roofing industry we now face an older established material vs modern alternative – which one to choose depends entirely on what kind of effect or benefit do you want from your choice! To help you make the right decision, let’s traverse the differences between Middlesex County synthetic slate roofing and natural slate roofing. By reading this article to its end, you will gain an understanding of all crucial comparisons when it comes time to decide on either real or artificial stone tile.

Middlesex County Synthetic Slate Roofing Vs. Natural Slate Roofing

Material Weight:

With other roofing materials, the weight is rarely an issue. However, slate roofing tend to be much heavier than synthetic slate roofing and more traditional varieties of roofing materials. This means that when you are installing a slate roof your home must have been constructed in such as way so that it can support the extra weight without caving in or causing any damage to walls. It’s important for safety reasons so make sure this step isn’t neglected!

If your home’s structure is not strong enough to accommodate the weight of authentic slate, you’ll need a costly home retrofit. Fortunately, synthetic slate roofing in Middlesex County, NJ offers an attractive and lightweight alternative that eliminates the burden of such expensive renovations! Unlike traditional luxury asphalt shingles, this option allows homeowners to enjoy beautiful aesthetics without worrying about their costly implications.

Synthetic Slate Roofing in Middlesex County NJLifespan:

Slate roofing is renowned for its long lifespan and durability. But precisely how many years of protection can you expect to get from slate compared to Middlesex County synthetic slate roofing? It’s time to find out! Your slate roof can last a lifetime, as long as it’s properly installed and flashed. It could even exceed the average 75-100 year lifespan. Invest in a quality installation to ensure your home stays safe for years to come. Although a synthetic slate roof has a shorter life expectancy, it will still provide up to 40-50 years of protection as long as installation is done right. Ultimately, traditional slate roofs possess the superior advantage in terms of longevity.

Utilizing the proper installation measures is crucial to gain the highest lifespan possible from your slate roof. Each individual tile must be carefully handled and it takes an experienced Middlesex County slate roofing company with special skills in order to install these delicate, breakable slates safely.


When you choose to purchase a new roof, keep in mind that there are two distinct warranties: one from the contractor on their labor and another from the manufacturer of your roofing materials (unless slate tiles were used). Since these types of tiles are organic, this excludes them from an additional warranty. Consequently, if any issues arise with a slate tile roof, then only your contractor’s workmanship warranty is available for coverage.

Synthetic slate roof roofing in Middlesex County, NJ will come with a lifetime limited material warranty, but the duration depends on who makes your shingles. It’s thus critical to communicate with your roofer about which manufacturer they use and what type of material warranty comes along with it. Investing in a synthetic slate roof is an excellent way to ensure peace of mind knowing that you are protected against any potential issues that may arise


Both natural and synthetic slate roofing are costly investments for homeowners. Generally, the cost of a synthetic slate roof in Middlesex County is more budget-friendly than that of real slate tiles; shingle and component costs could be as much as half what one would pay for genuine slate materials. So if you’re looking to maximize your investment without breaking the bank, consider investing in a top quality synthetic option.

Calculating the exact cost of a roof is an impossible feat due to the numerous variables that can impact it. As such, here’s a rough estimate for two different types: Slate roofs usually start at approximately $15 per square foot and may go up to around $30 or more when labor and materials are considered. Conversely, you can find synthetic slate roofs for as little as $10.00 to $12.00 per square foot and prices potentially reaching up to an estimated total of $20.00 or more per square foot – a cost that is well within reach if you are already taking the potential installation of a slate roof into consideration!

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