Having a cedar shake roof in NJ will add curb appeal and many other beneficial aspects to your home, compared to the ordinary asphalt shingles.  There are some important facts you should consider when investing in new roofing for your home. Cedar shake shingles offer aesthetics, added value to your home, durability, a lesser need for maintenance and is an environmentally-friendly option for your home.  Before starting a roofing project, you must make sure you choose the right contractor, materials and installation.

Installing a Cedar Shake Roof in NJ | What to Know & What Benefits it Offers

Types of Cedar Shake Shingles:

There are three types of cedar shake shingles when choosing the right option for your home and budget.  This includes common, selects and 100% straight grain.  Common cedar shake shingles are the cheapest and least reliable, they are made out of any part of the tree and treated as leftovers from the higher quality cuts.  Common cedar shake shingles often are the first to split and warp.  The second type of NJ cedar shake roof shingle is selects, this cut of cedar shake is comprised of 80% straight grain cedar shake and 20% common cedar shake.  The roofing contractor should be able to choose the best type of cedar shake selects, before installing the selects type of cedar shake for your home.  The last type of cedar shake shingles is 100% straight grain.  This is the highest quality out of the three shingles, these are hand selected and show a straight grain.  Most importantly, the shingles lay flat and will not curl up overtime.


Cedar shake roofing in NJ adds a rustic and classic touch to your home.  There are options when it comes to changing the color of cedar shake shingles, you can choose to keep it the natural color.  The natural color will age and weather naturally, or you can stain it to match the aesthetic of your home.  There are many options when it comes to staining the cedar shake shingles, however brown and gray are common which provide a neutral roofline. Having a neutral roofline can highlight beautiful parts of your home as well as offer curb appeal.

Cedar Shake Roof in NJGood Investment:

NJ cedar shake roof materials have a higher cost than other roofing options, such as asphalt or tile roofing materials.  Even though the cost of a cedar shake roof is more costly than other roofing options, cedar shake shingles will increase the value of your home. Cedar shake is a highly durable material and a solid long-term investment.  Cedar shake shingles on your home offer a natural insulation, this is great because it can help with the cost of heating and cooling of the interior of your home.  The resale value of a house is impacted with any home improvement project that is done, plus cedar shake shingles look beautiful on a home.


A new Cedar Shake roof in NJ is an investment that is guaranteed to last decades.  With the correct installation of the cedar shake shingles and regular maintenance you can expect the roof to last you at least 30 years.  Investing in 100% straight cedar shake shingles and other high-quality materials, you can expect the roof to last as long as 50 years.  Cedar shake is a durable material, and less likely to come apart due to harsh weathers.

Low Maintenance:

As with any roof it is required for homeowners to regularly have maintenance work done on then. However, if the cedar shake roof is properly coated and sealed during installation you will not need to do much to maintain the roof.  All homeowners are advised to regularly check their roofs for damage, debris and mold especially in areas with bad weather.  Every few years cedar shake roofing need protective treatments to stop the wood from degrading.  The gutters of your home play a vital role in getting excess moisture off the roof, it is important to maintain your gutters regularly as well which will play a part in increasing the lifespan of the cedar shake shingles.


Cedar shake shingles are more environmentally friendly than other roofing options.  They are made from well managed forests in the US and North America, and is a renewable resource that is reusable and recyclable.  Most factories that make cedar shake shingles use scraps and cuttings from the manufacturing process to turn into building material or paper products.  Homeowners who have used their cedar shake shingles to the end of their lifespan, can turn the wood into mulch or have it repurposed.  Other roofing options leave a bigger environmental footprint when it comes to shipping and mining of the materials.

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