Are you looking for an alternative to slate roofing for your Essex County home? If so, a synthetic slate roof might be the perfect option. While it may appear very similar to traditional slate, Essex County synthetic slate roofing has some distinct differences that might make it the right choice for you. If you’d like to learn more about synthetic slate roofing in Essex County, NJ and how it differs from traditional slate, check out the article below:

Essex County Synthetic Slate Roofing | Traditional Slate Roofing or Synthetic Roofing?

Traditional slate roofing has another form of roofing which have different qualities that set each other apart, which is known as synthetic slate roofing.  Synthetic roofing looks the same as slate roofing but the materials used in synthetic slate roofing is completely different. With modern day technology, companies are producing many different types of synthetic roofing materials.  The two options of roofing leave homeowners with a difficult choice.  Slate roofing is mined and cut into square tiles which are installed, due to supply and demand a homeowner might have a waiting period, to install a slate roof on their home.  Due to the durability of slate, it provides homeowners protection for many years, slate is the heaviest and most expensive alternative to synthetic roofing.  Synthetic slate is crafted to emulate the look of real slate, using another durable material like recycled rubber.  Synthetic slate shingles are perfect for homeowners on a budget and provide protection to homes who do not meet the requirements for slate shingles.  More businesses are slowly incorporating sustainable materials and going “green” with synthetic roofing, this might be a viable option for homeowners that already live a “green” lifestyle. 

Synthetic Roofing and Slate Roofing Materials:

Synthetic slate roofing and regular slate roofing vary in terms of how much each of the materials weigh.  In order for a homeowner to put slate on their roof, the house itself has to be built or framed in the right way to hold the weight of slate, so the roof or walls do not cave in or fall out.  There is another option to get slate on a house that was not originally intended for the weight of slate shingles, which is called retrofitting, this can become costlier than the option of installing synthetic slate shingles.  Synthetic slate roofing in Essex County is very lightweight, each shingle weighing as much as 1.25 pounds, comparing it to slate shingles which weighs 2.25 pounds a tile.

Synthetic Slate Roofing in Essex County NJSynthetic Roofing and Slate Roofing Lifespan:

Essex County synthetic slate roofing and traditional slate roofing have two different lifespans, slate has the longest lifespan compared to synthetic.  The average lifespan of a well installed slate roof is around seventy-five to a hundred years old.  Moreover, the precision and skills needed to put down a slate roof is what determines the lifespan.  Synthetic roofing however has a lifespan of forty to fifty years old.  It is clear that the slate roofing has an advantage in regards to lifespan and it is only determined by the skill of the roofer installing the panels skillfully.  Slate roofing increases resale value of a home due to its lifespan, most new homeowners do not want to deal with replacing a roof.

Synthetic Roofing and Slate Roofing Warranty:

Essex County synthetic slate roofing and slate roofing come with a warranty, one is the manufacturer warranty and the other is the workmanship warranty.  Since slate tiles are made naturally the only warranty that comes with them is the manufacturer warranty.  This makes it so you can only rely on the contractor’s workmanship warranty if damage of the slate roofing occurs.  However, the synthetic roofing comes with a lifetime limited material warranty, the length of the warranty is determined by the manufacturer.

Synthetic Roofing and Slate Roofing Cost:

Synthetic roofing and slate roofing are a big investment for homeowners, if it comes down to the price synthetic roofing is going to cost much less than slate roofing.  A ballpark figure for slate roofing will cost $15 a square foot, with added labor and materials it could come up to $30 a square foot.  Compared with synthetic roofing which would cost around $10-$12 per square foot, again adding labor and materials the price could go up to $20 a square foot.  Compared to slate roofing, synthetic is less expensive due to not needing specially trained roofers and special tools.

Synthetic Roofing and Slate Roofing Installation:

Slate roofing and synthetic slate roofing in Essex County require two different skill sets.  Slate roofing is a very delicate process and requires skilled workers.  Installing and nailing of the shingles, while making sure that the tiles are not cracking is a very skillful task.  Improper installation of the slate shingles will cost homeowners roofing damage, compared to synthetic roofing where there is no need for specialized skills or tools.

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